Welcome to the blog of the Christian Science Committee on Publication for New Hampshire.  The purpose of this blog is to share Committee news, to encourage conversation, and to provide factual information about Christian Science and its Founder, Mary Baker Eddy.  Today’s society presents more opportunities to share and communicate than ever before.  The media is more diverse and information comes from sources in a global society with fewer checks and balances for accuracy or validity. We’re here to monitor the correctmess of statements made about Christian Science, not for the purpose of promoting or converting, but to inform with truth.  We welcome your questions.


George Reed serves as the media spokesperson and legislative advocate for Christian Scientists in New Hampshire.  Our media work entails keeping in touch with news editors, producers, and reporters on various issues relating to the practice of Christian Science including prayer-based health care, spirituality, and the confluence between science, health, and religion.  Current legislative work at the state level involves the legal accommodation of the practice of Christian Science, especially as it relates to health care insurance reform.  George also works as a Christian Science practitioner and teacher, available to those seeking healing through prayer.  You may contact George by clicking on the email button (above/left) or by calling (603) 224-5400.


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  1. This blog in New Hampshire gives me pause to say, ” Thank you Father for your directing ways.” Having a voracious appetite to learn more about Truth, I again say a big thank you to Don and George. You now have me as a faithful reader! Diane

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