Finding peace in the world – the first steps

This blog entry was written by Milford, NH Assistant Committee on Publication, Don Alusic. It was first posted on Don’s blog titled, “Peace RoundTable Spiritual” which can be found here:
War and discord are serious impositions. Peace is something Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, worked for. Don Alusic’s work helps illuminate Mrs. Eddy’s consecrated healing work for the world.

Finding peace in the world – the first steps
First Posted on February 7, 2011 by Don Alusic

I yearn for peace in the world today and to know how to make a difference. Yet there are times when we must take a firm stand for what is right. You may feel the same. I had a series of experiences which led me to understand that there are things that I can do.

As a young man in school, I learned that the country (now Czech Republic and Slovakia) where my grandfather was born was being overrun by a powerful and oppressive outside regime. My first thought was to leave school, travel to that country, and become part of the resistance movement. At that time I decided to continue with my schooling in part due to the thought that it wouldn’t make a difference.

About 20 years later I visited this country with an aunt. It was still under the rule of the oppressive regime. By that time I had begun to understand that there are spiritual laws governing the universe and I was attempting to learn more about these laws and how they operate. I was struck by one statement by Mary Baker Eddy in her publication The First Church of Christ Scientist and Miscellany where she writes, “The First Commandment in the Hebrew Decalogue – ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before me,’ — obeyed, is sufficient to still all strife.” (My. 279:11-13) I was looking for peace in this situation and stilling all strife fit this goal perfectly.

During my visit I felt a stirring of thought in people in both a large city and in a smaller, more rural town where we visited. Although I didn’t see a result immediately, I continued to study and to seek a better understanding of the statement above and the spiritual laws governing it. I was aware that many, many people were praying and working to see this country librated from the oppressive regime as well. Several months after my visit we received word that the regime had virtually disappeared over a weekend without a single bullet being fired. This event became known as the Velvet Revolution and people all over the world joined in the celebration. I was convinced that my and other people’s efforts played a part in this marvelous outcome.

I began to look for other examples of the operation of these divine spiritual laws that “still all strife.” This led me to develop a video documentary about the Peace Treaty of Portsmouth (New Hampshire) from a spiritual/religious perspective. This treaty was one where I could find material about how people held services/meetings and prayed or meditated to establish an atmosphere conducive to a successful outcome, and how the resulting treaty ended a war between Russia and Japan in 1905. Since my work began during the time of the 100th anniversary celebration in 2005, I had access to research, could attend many events that took place, and had significant support from many people working to celebrate and remember the signing of the treaty.

A web site that describes the documentary and how it came into being can be found at: Making of this documentary was really the outcome of prayer, the result of extensive leg work and the generous support of many people along the way. There were many happenings that pushed the project forward in ways that I could never have planned myself.

Although there is much more still to learn this about these divine spiritual laws, their operation and impact, this is where I started. The greater understanding of these laws in practical ways is the purpose of my web site. I will be sharing my experiences as I go and invite you to join me at this roundtable and to share yours. Warm thanks. Don

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