Actually, I do rely on God for good health


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Actually, I do rely on God for good health
Spiritual healing works; I’ve seen it
By Cathy Ann Horn / For the Monitor
January 29, 2012

God is my health insurance” got my attention. You see, I have no health insurance because God is my health assurance after being healed of cancer three times in my life through spiritual prayer. So you can understand why the headline on Dr. James Fieseher’s Jan. 21 column on the Monitor Opinion page caught my eye.

Fieseher, a Portsmouth physician, wrote that “we can’t afford to replace ‘Obamacare’ with no care at all,” suggesting that we would otherwise be left saying, “God is my health insurance.” He expressed compassion for the millions of Americans who are struggling or unable to afford health insurance, let alone the cost of medication, hospital stays and doctors’ fees, but his column didn’t convey what I had hoped. I thought it might really be about the virtue of relying on God for our health and well-being.

My decision to rely solely on God began with my experience at age 15 when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer by Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic and given just two years to live. My father, an orthopedic surgeon, and my mother, a registered nurse, received word that a hysterectomy would have to be performed to save my life. In the operating room my father, who was in attendance, at the last moment blurted out, “Leave her plumbing in and just remove the tumor!”

The prognosis was that that would not be enough, so my mother, who was also an associate to an order of Episcopalian nuns, had nuns from convents across the country praying for me for two years until I was declared to be in full remission. Thanks to my father’s last-minute decision during the surgery, I was able to have two children later in life. This experience inspired me to pursue a course of study in spiritual healing and alternative healing techniques.

The second episode of a mass in my uterus was healed instantaneously in 1983 through spiritual healing in New York City witnessed by several people in a private home.

Eventually I opened my own healing center here in New Hampshire and obtained national certification as a licensed massage therapist in order to practice “hands-on healing.” Although healing was experienced by others who came for help, I knew something was missing in my understanding of the healing process, so I prayed to God to lead me to whatever teaching was necessary.

I was led to Christian Science. I did not know anything about it but began to study it earnestly.

The third diagnosis came just a few years ago: leukemia. This time, without a doubt, I knew exactly how to handle it and did not for a moment consider anything but healing through Christian Science treatment.

Gratitude for every healing I’ve experienced and a desire to help others inspired my decision to dedicate my life’s work in Christian Science as a practitioner and Christian Science nurse.

The Good Samaritan in Fieseher’s column said, “God is my health insurance” and explained, “I pray that I won’t get sick.”

That is not what I have come to understand is the most effective healing technique after 41 years of study and success in healing. It is not a human plea with the Creator to “please don’t let me get sick” or “please heal me.” It is the understanding and conviction according to biblical teachings expounded upon by Mary Baker Eddy in her textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, that healing takes place as we acknowledge the true essence of our being as spiritual – not material – and held in perfect health always. It is the belief that we could ever be otherwise that eventually is manifested in the body in various conditions or diseases.

Most people these days have trouble hearing and taking in this spiritual truth. We have been educated to believe in a matter-based philosophy with matter-based medicine and physical intervention techniques as the only “reasonable” course of action. I, for one, grew up on it until my life journey brought challenges and experiences that began to convince me otherwise.

Even cellular biologists, such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, and quantum physicists in their latest and best research confirm that our bodies can be changed through retraining our thinking. However, it is not just positive thinking that has the most profound and lasting healing effect – it is the more than 2,000-year-old teaching that we already have perfect health. It is just our beliefs and misperceptions that need to change in order to see a change manifested in our experience.

Ask the countless individuals who have experienced healing through spiritual prayer alone if they would give up the freedom and simplicity of spiritual healing and choose to spend a large portion of their income on health insurance and resort to hospital visits, surgeries and physicians fees in order to heal. The answer is simple. Of course not.

Friends, acquaintances, sometimes even the attending physician, have often recommended to patients under medical care who were told “there’s nothing more we can do for you” that they turn to Christian Science as a “last resort.”

There are verified cases of complete healing of such patients and every Wednesday night in Christian Science churches across the world people share their healing stories.

So, Dr. Fieseher, you are right when you say we can’t afford no care at all. We can’t put our heads in the sand and use human will alone to affirm that we are well. We can’t ignore what plagues us morally and spiritually because it will eventually manifest in various ailments in our bodies, like cancer. But we can absolutely, unequivocally rely on God as our health assurance.

Let us as a community of concerned, compassionate health-care workers share our knowledge and experience and help those in need who are ready to try an alternative – one that has a lasting impact not just physically but, more important, morally and spiritually.

(Cathy Ann Horn of Gilford is a practitioner and private duty Christian Science nurse working in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.)

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